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You may have ended up on this site because you found something you first thought someone left behind… something that intrigued you enough to then pick it up and realize that there was a website on the bottom where you can learn more so you took it home.

The substance that has brought you here is calledĀ orgonite.

Orgonite: A Proven Effective SolutionĀ For ElectroPollution.

This is a purely informational site about orgonite, a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.

Quick Facts About Orgonite:

What Else You Should Know

There are those of us involved with this “gifting movement” who believe that the proliferation of electromagnetic pollution, cellphone towers and chemtrails are not an accident, but are intentional acts of malfeasance by the parties who seek to benefit or profit from inflicting illnesses upon the populace. We don’t ask that you believe us, or subscribe to our beliefs. What we do ask is that you help combat the pollution that is wreaking so much harm throughout our communities around the world. We ask you to contribute to the health and well-being of your friends, family and neighbors by following the simple steps outlined on this site, regardless of whether you agree with our personal opinions and convictions. We ask that you follow the instructions here and seek your own personal confirmation of the effectiveness of Orgonite.

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