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Published on: October 7, 2015

Hello there! You have either been gifted or found one of the pieces of what is called Orgonite that I made. My name is Jonathan. As there are no accidents or coincidences in this universe it seems the piece your received was meant to be yours. I make ones like yours and even smaller and larger ones.

Orgone Energy research and technology was heavily suppressed in the 40s and 50s and it was even made illegal to publish a book with that word in it. The FDA would find all your materials about it and destroy it, as they did to the works of Orgone’s discoverer Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Orgone Energy is just another name for the energy that connects and and surrounds us all.

I invite you to check out other ones I’ve made as they make great gifts. I’ve even done some blog posts about it on my blog. There’s nothing more exciting to me than sharing something that looks interesting but also does a lot to help the planet and its inhabitants.

A gentleman named Don Croft found that by combining organic and inorganic materials (resin, metal) and a crystal with piezoelectric properties, you had yourself a POR (positive Orgone) generator. And that’s the device that you have been given or found.

I have some for sale at my online shop and info on it on my blog along with pictures of different ones i’ve made.


And my blog


And pictures of my previous work


Thank you for reading and following up on your discovery!

Much love,


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