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Published on: January 23, 2014
Hi, my name is OG, human gifting project #33.I made the piece of orgonite that found you. 

I would certainly like to hear how that little piece made you feel or how you slept the first night you had it on your bedside table, or how it came to you.

There are plenty of stories to share … here is one.


I remember the first night I slept with a piece of orgonite next to my bed. I never slept so well in my life. And the dreams were awesome. In fact during my dream I met a dear friend who I had not seen in 20 years. In the dream I told him that this was a dream and that I would meet him the next day in person. Course I woke up and I didn’t know where he was living and I had absolutely no contact details for him. Make a note if you tell someone in a dream that you are meeting them the next day please remember to get an address or a phone number. So here I am at 8 am wondering how am to meet a friend that I have no clue how to contact. I immediately thought about his mother and I knew where she lived back in the day so I figure I’ll make a pit stop at her place after work. As I was getting ready for work I felt that I had to go see my friend’s mother right away so I rushed over there by 9:30 am instead of going straight to work. Sure enough when the door opened out comes my long lost friend. We hugged and smiled at each other – that smile was for 20 years without any contact at all. My friend told me that he had a dream the night before that I told him we would meet and that is why he came to his mother’s house before work and that he was about to leave when I showed up. We shed a few tears of joy and talked a bit before I had to go off to work. Yes I got his cell number and we are now talking again after twenty years of silence.

So if you want to know how a little piece of fiberglass resin, metal, and crystal can make a difference in your life just contact me (OG) and I’ll send you a piece. Yes I will send you a piece.

About the piece that found you:

It is hand made by me, OG, and made out of love for you and all creation. The process for making orgonite is really simple. Get a muffin pan, some semi precious crystals, some small metal shavings, and some fiberglass resin. Put metal shavings and a crystal in a muffin mold and pour in the activated fiberglass (in other words fiberglass resin that has some sort of hardening agent mixed in). Be sure to wear a mask and latex gloves when you make orgonite since fiberglass smells strange and is not something you want to get on your hands or skin. Anyway as soon as the fiberglass hardens you take it out of the mold and bingo – you have a piece of orgonite in your latex covered hand. Just a note before you put anything in the muffin mold take some vegetable oil and put a bit in the mold and mix it around with a paper towel so that the resin doesn’t stick to the pan. That’s all there is to it.

So what does a little piece of orgonite do?

1. It relieves electromagnetic stress.
2. It strengthens the human energy system – I am convinced it raises your vibration.
3. It makes humans happier. It relieves day to day stress by giving you a calmness and a knowing that all is ok.
4. It cleans air and water.
5. It improves plant growth.

People all over the world are making orgonite and giving it away. If you’d like to hear more about my experience with orgonite and the people who make it check out the links provided on the Human Gifting Project dot com website, or contact me at:

orgonegrowth @ gmail dot com


  1. Sulema says:

    The First night I received the Orgonite I slept like a baby. I had a migraine and felt very tired at work throughout the day and evening. I had insomia for the past few weeks and when Yesterday evening I recieved the Orgonite as a gift and I used it last night. I slept like a baby last night. I will continue to use the Orgonite. Thank You! 🙂

  2. Taylor Favorite says:

    How do you do? I was having lunch with friends at Natures Cafe and my friend Will who I just recently met was telling about a stone you gave him, he said he had your number and he would call you but I told him I rather read about it first…really quite awesome!
    I moved to Palm Springs a year ago for work. I’m a nationally certified Surgical Technologist. I work at one of the local hospitals and specialize in ob gyn surgical procedures. I really love my job but it’s come with sacrifices. I work nights so when I’m off I stay up. This makes out so I have no set schedule for the the 4 months I’ve been dealing with insomnia! Kinda works out though cause I get things done always up. I’m also put at high risk with patients. Disease, and chemicals. I also work with tons of emf, X-ray, ultra violet rays. My job description said must be able to handle high stress, fast paced environment lmao! I could go on… I’m interested in how I obtain some orgonite?

  3. Taylor says:

    Hey what’s up man….so, something kinda happened that I actually just noticed today. I tried the ice test and the only thing i really noticed is the ice looking like it pulls away on the inside? Is that right kinda?
    Anyways I’m always online at home most the time the wifi works well. Glitches here and there. But today acting real bad. I need internet to because starting web based co. Im on my ipad on couch and orgonite is on coffee table in front me. Then I think wtf is this messing with wifi??? So I take it, put it in a shoe total random and put it my closet in the hall. The wifi got slightly better but not near as fast like usual. So I decide to go on the other end of the house and it was working a bit better…but still! So I gave up left it in the closet, took off came back two hours later and still! NO WIFI! So I’m kinda convinced something is up! I take the orgonite out of the house and take it for a nice cruise in my cool rock crawler jeep I just got. I leave it out front when I come back and come back in to try wifi…and wouldn’t you know, works fine. Now that’s wierd….2 out of 3? Or another experiment! What should I try? This stuff is awesome, and powerful in a wierd way baahaaaahahaha! Kooool:) this message was typed right after wifi got back to normal. So now I know to keep it far when I need to work lol but sleep next to it;) thanx for letting me share this.

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  4. Dr. Anthony says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting #33 today. It all happened in such an amazing way. A friend of mine gave me #33’s phone number and I called him to find one of the most intelligent and spiritually conscious individuals I have ever met. I am SOOO glad that I was able to get some of this top quality orgonite. I actually gave away much of the orgonite I got him already!

    If people dont know about this stuff, its a shame to let them go on in the dark. Love is the only power of healing in the universe. Orgonite works much the same way forgiveness works. Orgonite is like material grace and mercy. It transforms the “sin” energy into love and gratitude. I can’t imagine NOT having a piece of orgonite nearby at all times while I am practicing my craft.

    I could feel the power the moment #33 walked into my office. Thanks 33! I love you and you are the BEST!!!

  5. Mathieu Gagné says:

    Hi, I just found out about orgone and the network. Sounds very promising and I would love to help out. I’ve never seen orgone before and I started to research on it a little. The “Orgone Accumulator” was a very interesting topic as well.

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