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Published on: February 15, 2013

Hi, my name is Ruth, #27. I made the piece of orgonite you found. In 2009 I ran across the mention of orgonite, but it seemed too good to be true. How could a little piece of fiberglass resin, metal, and crystal make any difference in my life? I thought about it, read about it, and decided to buy some and see.

In January 2010 I received my first dozen TBs. The first thing I wanted was more. I gifted the tower a block away from home, and the tower a block from work, and buried a piece at each corner of my garden. I brought a couple of pieces into the house, too. The first thing that I noticed was that my home felt like a sanctuary again, which it had not done since the cell tower went up. The second thing that I noticed was that my energy level started to climb. As my chi got stronger I was able to shield better and the depression I had lived with all my life began to fade. The next thing I noticed was that my low income neighborhood became more peaceful. The grafitti levels went down. I saw children and families walking on the bike path again. Birds came back. There are beavers building dams in what was just a runoff channel for industrial waste.

As soon as the weather permitted I started making my own. I’ve been pouring for 2 1/2 years now, and it’s been an empowering experience. I’ve never had more fun in my life.

About the piece you found:
It’s made with bionized semi precious stones and 3 different metal sizes. That gives it a cheerful feel and both strength and range. The stones include but are not limited to clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, aventurine, carnelian, jasper, and sometimes rose quartz , garnet, or hematite. The metals include but are not limited to aluminum shavings, small brass shavings, and iron oxide powders.

Whether you feel the energy directly, feel the effects on your body, or see the effects in the people around you, I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I enjoy making it.

Do you want more? I can provide up to 6 pieces per person, but I do not have time to make enough to meet all your orgonite needs. Would you like to make your own? I’d be happy to provide the materials and walk you through your first pour. That way you can avoid the problems I had when I first started.

Orgonite really does do what it claims:
relieves electromagnetic stress
cleans air and water
improves plant growth and seed germination
strengthens human energy systems
more cooperation, less conflict between people

People all over the world are making orgonite and giving it away. If you’d like to hear more about my experience with orgonite and the people who make it check out the links provided on the Human Gifting site, or contact me at:



  1. Drema Lange says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I would love to have 6 pieces of orgonite, and any information on how to make it.

    I live at 16070 N. Swan Rd. in Tucson, AZ 85739.

    Thank you for your time.

    Drema Lange

  2. joseph says:

    hi i would be interested in buying a few pieces from you. tried to go on your website but it was off. please email me for details. thanks

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I would like to have more information on organite. I have run into a some information on it and am very interested in receiving some.

    Thank you in advance.

    Debbie Castillo

  4. Liz Kincaid says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I too would love some info on organite and I am interested in obtaining some organite.

    Liz Kincaid

  5. judi valenzuela says:

    I am interested in learning how to make it, organite,and am interested in the free 6 pieces to start off.
    Thank You,

  6. donna says:

    a dear friend is sharing this with me. thanks for the gift.

  7. Rebecca Burgin says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I would LOVE 6 pieces of organite! I just learned about it and am so excited!!

    210 North Ave.
    Brownsville, Ore. 97327

  8. Mimi says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I would love six pieces of orgonite and the instructions for how to make it. I experienced one of your pieces today – absolutely amazing is all I can say!

    Thank you for gifting your orgonite!


  9. Sandy Wesley says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I would love to have 6 pieces of orgonite, and any information on how to make it.
    Thank you so much
    Sandy Wesley

  10. Mindy says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I would love to receive the 6 pieces of orgonite you are offering. It sounds great! I would also like to know how to make it so I can improve the world in which we live and spread the word.
    Thank you for your time and effort,

  11. ej says:

    Hi Ruth,

    That is so great that you are offering six pieces. Would love them for my family as we are feeling energy drain from a newly installed “smart meter”, plus itd be great to create some new energies where i am as i dont believe there is any orgonite in htis area and it is a large city. Thanks much love,


  12. Beth says:

    Hi Ruth,
    My friend Donna showed two of your beautiful pieces and I would love to have the six pieces of orgonite but don’t have time at the moment to make them. I do massage and would love to return the favor to you. I am licensed and started in 1995. I also know a client who would love one since she stopped going to the YMCA since they built a cell tower disguised as a palm tree about a couple 100 feet from their outdoor pool in Tucson, AZ. Thank you so much for caring about our health .I will definitely pass it on.
    Take care, Beth in Tucson,AZ

    • Kamala says:

      I would like to receive the 6 orgonite pieces that you are offering,as well as making my own.Thank you for your kindness.
      Blessings to you,

  13. Emmanuel Garcia says:

    Hello Ruth my name is Emmanuel I would be very interested in receiving 6 pieces of organite. Thank you Namaste.

  14. Shayla Neal says:

    Hi ruth! I would love to have your work. Please send me some! Thank you God bless
    Shayla N

  15. Alma says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I heard about your beautiful pieces through my friend Debbie. I am very interested in receiving 6 of your magnificent pieces & instructions on how to use them. Thank you for making a positive change in our environment.

    Abundant Blessing,

    Alma in Tucson, AZ

  16. Patricia Stiles says:

    Interesting. I was given my piece of Orgonite by a guest at the hotel that I work at. I lived in an old house near a power-line. Oddly, the grave of a young girl who had died in my house in 1916 was exhumed before the power-line could be built. The energy that power-line gave off was enough to light up a fluorescent light when standing under the wires. Sadly, the value was greatly depreciated. I am interested in receiving more orgonite.

  17. carmen navarro says:

    Hi Ruth I’m interested in the orgonite. Thank you

  18. Steve Krause says:

    Hi there, very interested in Orgonite.

  19. Chelly torres says:

    Read at glp about the organize, and how it help…I will like to try it..somehow how you talk about them inspire me. If you can send the 6 pieces ans instructions I will really appreciate it
    I have so many towers in the area I will love to do something about it.

  20. Chelly torres says:

    I will like to try it ,the way you talk about it and I am sourounded in this area by towers. Thanks.

  21. Diane Patrick says:

    Hi Ruth, I just heard about organite today. I have looked online but the only websites here in Australia that sell Orgonite charge really high prices so I have decided to make my own. What type of resin do you use? Any metals are ok? Just any tips you could give me would be much appreciated. I got your name from a facebook friend. My community and I NEED this amazing orgonite asap. We have lots of towers and chemtrails and anger in our town. Thank you so much. If you find the time to answer me I will be so happy. Salaam.

  22. Jackie Sandlin says:

    Dear Ruth
    I am new to Orgonite and the gifting experience , and I would so love to be apart of this. If you still are able to gift the 6 pieces, I would be honored to have them. I would also love instructions. Thank you so much

  23. Prochi says:

    Hi Ruth

    Was directed to your page by a friend would love to get some orgonite if possible. Please let me know and I can share my address. Thanks

  24. Shannon Stone says:

    Ruth, you ROCK ! I saw you there today with your kids playing…..once my son found the gift (he thought was a candle) I not only knew exactly what i was holding but I knew it was you who put it there. I have read about this for over 2 years . I have wanted to buy some, make some touch some 4 EVER now. This is the coolest thing that has happened to us on the trip to the coast. I was born here in OR but haven’t been back for many years. The fact that this gift came to my family today in this way is pure AWESOMENESS. I would love any info detail you can provide on making my own. THANK YOU so much ! Stone-Jones Family Scottsdale , AZ

  25. Anonymous says:

    Found your gift yesterday, very grateful and intrigued . Thank you for this cool piece ! Scottsdale, AZ

  26. Stephanie Suttschenko says:

    I think what you are doing is very commendable. I would love to get 6 pieces of orgonite.
    Thank you!

  27. Marie Farren says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I’m very interested in knowing more about the orgonite.
    It would be so appreciated if you would please send me some .

    Thank you,


  28. Amanda says:

    Hi Ruth!

    I did not receive one of your pieces but I received #65. I started reading all the numbers and see yours! I would love to know where to get materials and learn how to make orgonite!

    Thank You,

  29. Oriole Stine says:

    I would love some organite to clear my home so I have more energy to make some. Thanks SO much! Do I pay pal you money for them? How does it work?
    Do I email you an address?

  30. ma-tu says:

    hi ruth,

    we met to today at fred meyers 😉
    I must say such a pleasure to meet you and than you soooo much for the field orgonite, it shall go to very good use.
    A couple of personal peices for me and my wife would be so grateful and sooo very delightful. You can
    Email me at soluna15@yahoo.com for address details if you wish.
    Ekaa nu ikwa = you are seen in divine gratitude

  31. don palmer says:

    That sounds great and would love to receive some as I have had interest for some time now but it’s been limited to reading. I wanting to take the next step by seeing for myself but being in school full time I do not have the time just yet to try my hand making my own.

  32. Gina A says:

    This is Gina from Carls Jr.. 2111 west 12th ave #10 Eugene Oregon 97402 hope to hear from u soon and learn how to make my own

  33. travess graham says:

    I was gifted my very first orgonite today and my seems happier ever since.. i NEED more im addicted to orgonite and its magic.. everyone needs to relinquish their lost energies… please thank you

  34. travess graham says:

    I was gifted my very first orgonite today and my seems happier ever since.. i NEED more im addicted to orgonite and its magic.. everyone needs to relinquish their lost energies… please thank you
    travess graham
    33V St.
    Springfield Or
    Instructions for world peace

  35. Stevie Woods says:

    Hi Ruth, my mother has a #27 orgonite and I was very interested in obtaining a piece and learning more about it. If you would, please contact me at the email below. Thank you!

  36. Ruby Parker says:

    Hi Ruth my name is Ruby and I would love to have six pieces of you orgonite and I was wondering if you do orgonites to combat witchcraft and evil magic. I would like to send you a donation for your orgonite as well. Address 848 dodge ave Evanston Il 60202

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