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Published on: June 11, 2014
Welcome to Kieron’s page on the Human Gifting Project. If you came here using the number somewhere on the object you found or were given, you’ve received one of my modest efforts at making orgonite. I hope you will find it as beneficial and empowering as it has done for me, my family and my friends. I decided it was time to help represent my geographical area in the growing network of orgonite-gifting. I am not the only one hereabouts, just one of the newest. If you would like to learn to make your own orgonite, let me know at bionick@hushmail.com and I may be able to offer some ideas and resource referrals, but you would do well to explore Warrior Matrix to see what others are doing as well. Best wishes!


1 Comment
  1. RedMane says:

    I just got done typing a very long drawn-out concern I have about organ warriors disappearing, the NDAA, the men in black, etc. but my submitted comment seems to have “deleted itself” upon entry. This website looks and feels like one of those websites that has been secretly taken down, taken over, and put back up by the authorities! This is to collect the IP addresses of the us suspecting visitors! They do this all the time with old drug and child porn websites which are mostly found in the darkweb ( which isn’t too “dark” anymore!!! ). This website bears many of the indicators. 1. At least 2/3s of the “contact listings” are null and void. The contact listings that do exist on this website show no signs of being tied to their owners. No contact info, no address info, no P.O. Box #s , no NOTHIN!’ And what DID happen to all those people who’s names were on this website???? You know what? I don’t think I’m going to be adding MY name to that list! Why? So that “they” can pay ME a little “visit” also?!?! NO, THANKS! In this world of espionage, lies, deceit, and pre-dawn Secret Service raids, you are best off fighting the forces of darkness ALONE! Do NOT join any orgone gifting groups! ( especially NOT online!!!) Do NOT post YouTube videos about orgone gifting ( there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube already that also teach you how to work with the resins, buy the Quartz crystals, etc, ) Don’t go around “blogging” about orgone and uour orgone experiences! What? You think that “they” can’t find out who you are? … where you live?!? ( oh believe me, they are fkn’ BATMAN!!! They already KNOW where you live!!!! Don’t kid youself! )And do NOT go around trying to “orgonize america!!!” Do ogonomy for the purpose of SELF preservation and protection! Give orgone devices to those whom you care about! Be careful, and keep your head LOW, so that you don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself!

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