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Published on: July 26, 2014
Hi, my name is Julian, #11.

 I am an artist living in Inverness near Loch Ness (and possible Nessie). I made the piece of orgone art you found. Orgone devices can both be beautiful to look at and also provide many other energetic benefits: 

  • relieves electromagnetic stress

  • cleans air and water

  • improves plant growth and seed germination

  • strengthens human energy systems

  • more cooperation, less conflict between people


It is a universal healing device, as it works with orgone energy, which is known by other names such as Chi, Aetheric forces, Life Force energy, bio-energy.

Making what is popularly known as Orgonite(TM Karl Welz) or an Orgone Device/Generator, has become the way I prefer to express my artistic need to create. The materials used in the creation can be many, but the basic recipe is resin, metal and a quartz crystal.

The Orgone device will attract any orgone energy around it, and rejuvenate it into a harmonious form. The metals and resin attract and break up any negative energy and the crystal directs the energy out in a harmonious form.

I like to experiment and have fun with different shaped orgone devices. You may have been gifted one that looks like a pebble, a fossil, a pyramid, or others that I haven’t thought up at the time of writing this. The Pyramidal pieces I make are the same proportions as the Great Pyramid, which uses the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio.

Much of life on Earth and shapes in nature in general have been found to be based on the Golden Ratio. It is a proportion that natural energies are ‘attracted’ to.

Orgone devices emit etheric or orgone energy and many people are able to feel this as a tingling, pulsing or pressure in the palm of their hand when touching or placing their hand near to them. It is fun moving your hand closer and further away and feeling what happens.

It will be a personal experience and may take some time to develop, but I think it is worth it. It does not require belief or conscious intention in order to work.

These pieces of orgone art benefit from an occasional rinse under cold water, or to be placed out in the rain or sun for a while. They don’t need cleansing, as they perform this function naturally, but their energy handling can be given an extra little boost, as we all feel after a nice shower and a nice day in the sun.

Whether you feel the energy directly, feel the effects on your body, see the effects in the people around you, or simply enjoy the object as a piece of art,

I hope you like having it around you as much as I enjoyed making it, and wondering who would discover it! People all over the world are making orgonite and giving it away.

If you’d like to hear more about orgonite and the people who make it, please check out the links provided on the Human Gifting site, or contact me at:


Here is one of many forums about Orgone devices, and the one I post on:


More information about orgone devices:



Bright Blessings



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  1. Red says:

    Something is worrying me. It seems that a lot of orgone gifters are disappearing. The orgone warrior who calls himself “Constitution Lost” got charged with planting “hoax bombs!” which still qualify as valid “terrorist threats!” He said that if convicted, he was facing about TEN YEARS FEDERAL!!! If THAT’S the case, orgone gifters may be putting theirselves behind the 8-ball!!! I believe in orgone gifting, but it would be pointless to get yourself locked up as an “enemy combatant” under the directives of the National Defense Aughorization Act! (NDAA ). Under that, a person can be indefinitely detained WITHOUT CHARGE OR TRIAL!!! They, be they the Secret Service, the men in black, ( or whoever! ) would just raid your home ,haul you off to a CIA prison someplace and KEEP you there!!! I wonder if that is what’s happening to all those vanishing orgone gifters. ( ?) George Lucas is right: You NEVER get “cocky” in the face of the dark side! How well DO these resin + metal chip concoctions protect us, anyway?!?! Will they protect us FROM bad cops, the secret service, or the men in black?!?! Given the forces we may be going up against, THEY’D BETTER!!! If all these things do is make evil beings “nauseated”, ….!!!! Then you have this girl ( she was ‘hot!’ ) who vanished without a trace. Her website’s gone, everything. She had been an avid orgone gifter. One day, she just didn’t show up for work. When her family went to her house, they found that the place had been thoroughly cleaned out ( no furniture, no telephone, no NOTHIN’!!! )! As far as I know, no one has ever seen her again. And there seem to be many more people like this girl, who have either been detained ( NDAA?? ), have been taken away by the men in black, ( the secret service?? ) are now in mental wards, or they
    are “in hiding.” Why am I mentioning this? It is because at least THREE QUARTERS of the above “list” of contacts you provide consists of dead ( inactive ) links!!! How many of THOSE people have been “swallowed up” by the forces of darkness?!?!?! How safe IS it to be a “matrix-Jedi” anyway?!?!? Can “they” frame me with CHILD PORN?!?! ( Another magnificent way for the forces of evil to GET RID of a person!!! ) ???

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